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The Team

Born and raised in Paris, Erik Ferrier is pretty french for a norwegian (this works the other way around).

While studying philosophy (DEUG), etymology, product design and fine arts (Bachelor), he worked as a freelance designer for a large range of clients in Paris.Fine Arts introduced him to video (short films, music video, experimental) as well to electronic music (production, Dj) with focus on interactive installations. Always with design as a back bone.

He moved to Norway in 2005 and founded Caribou in 2007. And has been focusing on design since then with a spesial interest for Typography and UX.

Follow him on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn.

Odd Einar Betten has studied Computer Science and Engineering with a special interess for GUI (Graphic User Interface) in Trondheim (NTNU) and Oslo (UiO). He practices PHP, javascript and MySQL as other people breathe. Coding with attitude.

Ask him if the function you dream of is possible, he’ll just answer:
– Yes, of course. I just have to find out how.

Beside to his passion to biping objects (computers etc), Odd Einar har a real understanding of the dynamic of the design process, and an eye for details. He is also a passionate photographer.